Dear Members and Friends of the Korea SpaceScience Society,

2019.1. 1.

Greetings. A new year has come upon us.First of all I would like to wish happiness and great fortune for all ourmembers and families in the year of 2019.

Last year, we the members of KSSS haveundertaken significant activities together. Our spring conference was held in Hongcheon Gangwon Province, jointlywith the Korea Geoscience Union, and the fall conference was successfullyconvened in Jeju island. In 2018, the Korean Space Science community hasachieved boastful accomplishments in hardware venues as well. As we all know,KAIST/SATREC successfully launched the Next-Generation Small Satellite-1 forspace storm research. And for the first time, space weather monitoringinstruments was put on the geostationary orbit via the Chollian 2A, a Koreangeostationary meteorology satellite. From these space science instruments welook forward to collecting valuable scientific data that will bring us newresults to be discussed in the 2019 spring conference. Furthermore, KARIsucceeded in the test-launching of the first Korean rocket with a liquid fuelengine, laying the cornerstone for Korean space exploration. The development ofthe nano satellite constellation dedicated to space science research mission(SNIPE) is being carried out by the KASI and KARI, in cooperation with YonseiUniversity. The development progress is promising and we are aiming for launchin 2020.  Very soon we, the Korea spacescience community, will be opening up an era of full-fledged space explorationin Korea.

Once again, I wish the members and friendsof KSSS for a great and fruitful year in 2019.

Yong Ha Kim,  the President of Korea Space Science Society






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