Dearall members of the KSSS,

NewYear's greetings from the President and the staff commencing a new term in2014, the Gabo Year. I would like to express my deepest gratitude to theex-president, Prof. Chun-Hwey Kim, and the 15th staff for their contributionsand efforts for the growth of the KSSS.

Itis of great significance that the KSSS celebrates the 30th anniversary of itsfoundation this year. The KSSS has now grown to represent the space sciencecommunity of Korea, both in name and in reality, as a result of the devotionand efforts of all of its members, ex-presidents, and their staff.

We,the 16th presidential staff, will try our best to further promote space sciencein Korea, by playing a major role in various domestic space programs, with theSociety’s integrative character. We will also encourage exchange of scientific ideasand technologies between industries, universities, and research institutions,by holding conferences and workshops. Furthermore, we promise to give our fullefforts for the next two years so that the KSSS grows into a renowned internationalsociety, with full recognition of the research papers published in its journal,JASS.

Toachieve these goals, I’d like to request our members to be fully involved inthe activities of the Society, with keen interests and affection.

Finally, I wish all the best to ourmembers in the year of 2014.

Thank you.


Kyoung-Wook Min

President of the Korean Space ScienceSociety


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