If you are interested in  KSSS membership, you should sign up for KSSS web-membership first at http://www.ksss.or.kr and fill out the registration form (“Registration Form”). You can apply for  membership by sending the registration form to KSSS office by fax or email. You will be eligible for  regular membership only if you have recommendations from two other KSSS regular members. An entrance fee of $10 is required of all new members. No Entrance Fee is charged to Students. KSSS annual member dues are $30 and $10 for  regular membership and for a Student membership, respectively. Finally, the board approval will award you  KSSS membership.


The classifications and qualifiers for  Membership are as follows:

1. Regular membership: an individual who has an interest in space science with a background in space science or related disciplines. Also an individual who has  board approval or equivalent qualification


2. Student membership: an individual actively working toward an undergraduate degree in space science or related disciplines


3. Meritorious membership: a KSSS member who has been approved on the basis of his remarkable contribution to this Society by the KSSS council


4. Emeritus membership: an individual whose accomplishment in space science is outstanding or who has accomplished a great feat to achieve the vision of this Society.


5. Patron membership: an individual or an institution who has made a key contribution to this Society


6. Institutional membership: a scientific or research institution who approves of the vision and supports the activities of this Society


A KSSS member has the following obligations and benefits.


1. A member has the obligation to  fully comply with the Articles of association and the resolution of Council and paying the membership dues.


2. KSSS membership provides opportunities for the presentation of his/her researches and the right to submit papers to KSSS Journal.


3. A member participates in the management of the Society and is eligible to stand for   election and has the right to vote according to the Bylaw.


If you have any questions about the management of the Society, please contact the KSSS office.

Account holder: KSSSksss@ksss.or.kr

Kook-min bank (012-01-0603-888)  Woori-bank (126-435843-01-001)
Account holder: KSSS





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